How Insurtech Is Powering The Claims Advocacy Movement

 Wednesday, July 17, 2019

 Risk & Insurance

Insurtech, an umbrella term that refers to everything from wearable safety technology to software and the Internet of Things (IoT), is driving innovation across the workers’ compensation sector.

The benefits of this new technology are still continuing to emerge, but for some companies, the primary goal is to empower adjusters and injured workers to foster better communication and decrease litigation.

As the workers’ comp industry pivots toward an advocacy-based claims model, certain methods have emerged to pay more than lip service to the concept.

Genex introduced its Unity platform earlier this year, which is described as an “intelligent hub for managed care operations.”

In a conversation with Risk & Insurance®, Helen Froehlich, VP of case management at Genex, explained that the impetus for Unity was primarily to help reduce the administrative tasks that limit the amount of effort adjusters can spend on injured workers’ concerns.
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