Effective strategies can transform employee skepticism into acceptance for workplace safety technologies.
  February 27   Risk & Insurance Education & Training Risk Management Technology Workers' Compensation New Jersey

Warren Buffett’s latest annual report for Berkshire Hathaway may have tempered expectations for the conglomerate’s future "eye-popping performance," but the insurance sector, led by GEICO’s remarkable turnaround, provided a glimmer of profitability and growth amidst the caution.
  February 26   Insurance Journal Insurance Industry Property Risk Management Technology

The healthcare industry faces a significant cybersecurity challenge as UnitedHealth Group’s subsidiary, Change Healthcare, falls victim to a cyberattack suspected to be orchestrated by government-backed hackers.
  February 26   TechCrunch Insurance Industry Life & Health Technology Michigan

The record-breaking climate and weather disasters of 2023 underscore the urgent need for the insurance industry to adopt a Predict & Prevent approach to mitigate financial impacts and protect policyholders.
  February 26   Risk & Insurance Catastrophe Property Risk Management Technology California Florida

Discover how AI technology is transforming the NFL’s game strategies and enhancing efficiency in the insurance industry, from player performance to customer service.
  February 26   Insurance Innovation Reporter Risk Management Technology Underwriting

Marine insurance experts advocate for joint decarbonisation efforts with shipowners to navigate the complexities of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
  February 23   Reinsurance News Legislation & Regulation Marine Risk Management Technology

Bumble Inc. settles for $315,000 and agrees to revise its practices to meet New Jersey’s strict consumer protection and internet dating safety standards.
  February 23   New Jersey Attorney General Fraud Legislation & Regulation Risk Management Technology New Jersey Texas

As generative AI transforms industries, Munich Re leads with innovative insurance solutions to navigate emerging risks and opportunities.
  February 22   Munich Re Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Risk Management Technology

With rising concerns over data privacy, the unauthorized use of personal information in auto insurance claims and repairs presents significant risks and implications for millions.
  February 22   Insurance Thought Leadership Auto Legislation & Regulation Technology California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Hawaii

A major outage hits AT&T’s network, leaving users without call or internet services, while local emergency services report disruptions.
  February 22   WESH Catastrophe Risk Management Technology

Discover the non-essential essentials for catastrophe adjusters on deployment, from health safeguards to life-enhancing conveniences.
  February 21   Reddit Catastrophe Education & Training Technology

After a brief pandemic respite, U.S. commercial auto insurers grapple with profitability due to digital transformation lags and economic pressures.
  February 21   Insurance Thought Leadership Auto Insurance Industry Technology

The National Hurricane Center introduces an experimental graphic to improve wind risk communication for US inland tropical storm and hurricane alerts.
  February 20   NOAA Catastrophe Risk Management Technology

As Tesla aims to innovate the insurance industry with personalized coverage, it faces hurdles like data privacy, regulatory compliance, and competition.
  February 20   Insurance Thought Leadership Auto Risk Management Technology

The Second Circuit’s ruling on JLM Couture v. Gutman offers a legal framework for determining social media account ownership, emphasizing original ownership and valid transfers.
  February 20   CLM Insurance Industry Litigation Risk Management Technology New York

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