Insurer Not Liable For ‘Insured v. Insured’ Case, Says Court

 Tuesday, September 10, 2019

 Risk & Insurance

When three board members are accused of misdeeds by a company exec, the court must decide if an ’insured-vs-insured’ exclusion applies.

World Water Works Inc. (WWW Inc.) was in the business of wastewater treatment. Founded in 1998, WWW Inc. was owned and operated by Mark Fosshage.

In 2011, World Water was formed as a separate legal entity and became the holding company for WWW Inc.

Around this same time, three individuals were brought on as directors on the World Water board — Prashant Mitta, Ravi Reddy and Ravishankar Tumuluri.

In 2016 these three removed Fosshage from his duties as president and CEO.
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