The Future Of Humane Automation In Claims: Emotion AI

 Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Renowned machine learning researcher and New York Times best-selling author, Kai-fu Lee, has described the era we are living in as “the age of implementation,” or a time period during which artificial intelligence (AI) is moving out of the lab and into practical applications.

As it does, it is raising questions and concerns about what the ongoing advance of AI means for humankind, the future of work, and for those of us in the Property & Casualty industry, the future of claims automation.

At the same time, technological advancement continues to march forward with emotional artificial intelligence, or “emotion AI,” coming to the forefront.

Emotion AI, also called affective computing, is the notion that artificial intelligence technologies can recognize human emotions.

To do so, AI looks for cues that may include facial expressions, or micro-movements, eye movements, heart rate and blood pressure changes, and voice volume, tone, and speed fluctuations, among other things.

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