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Zurich Partners With Insurance Data Company To Improve Claims Monitoring

 Tuesday, March 10, 2020

 Insurance Business

Zurich has announced a partnership with Carpe Data — a California-based company which offers a claims monitoring system powered by alternative and emerging data — to improve claims processing efficiency and help in the detection of insurance fraud.

Carpe Data’s “ClaimsX” system will allow Zurich to leverage publicly-available data from the web to conduct real-time assessment of claims.

Zurich can proactively audit injury claimants and identify cases wherein the claimant’s profile does not match with the claim they filed, allowing the company to identify fraud.

The system will also automate some of the decision making in the claims process, improving its efficiency.

A release said that Zurich UK had used ClaimsX in a successful pilot in 2019; the solution is now being implemented at scale this year.

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