Touchless Claims Show Promise, But Is It Enough To Save Commercial Auto?

 Thursday, March 26, 2020

 Risk & Insurance

As AI, image quality and cloud-based services improve, the insurance industry is slowly moving closer to an era where many claims may soon be processed without any human touch at all.

One area where fully automated claims could bring new efficiencies and benefits is in commercial auto insurance.

In a market where losses and claims are high, improving operational efficiencies is one of the most viable ways to gain profitability.

Experts say most of the technology is already here, and while it must be refined to be ready for widespread adoption, it could be a mainstream reality within the next few years.

Commercial auto insurance has been a tough market for many carriers in recent years. Rising accident rates and increasing loss ratios due to distracted driving and more expensive equipment being insured has led to higher operational costs and a more complex and competitive pricing environment.

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