6 Prominent Insurance Designations And How They Can Benefit Careers

 Tuesday, April 21, 2020

 Risk & Insurance

If you’re interested in increasing your knowledge of the insurance industry, taking courses and earning a designation might be the way to go.

Designations help insurance professionals expand their knowledge of the industry, improve customer service and prepare for the future.

“When I first started my insurance career, I set out to gain a deeper understanding of the industry. The coursework has made me more knowledgeable, a resource to my peers, and better equipped to serve customers,” said Timothy Cuoco, claims specialist in the Property Complex at State Farm. Cuoco has pursued several designations, including CPCU, AIC, AINS, ALMI, ALB, ACS, AIS, AA.

Professional designations don’t just increase your knowledge of the industry, however. Pursuing a designation can also help you take the next steps in your career.

“When trying to get promoted, education is what sets you apart from other candidates,” said Tracie Warder CPCU, AU, AINS.
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