Is Workers’ Comp Ready For Medical And Technological Evolution? It Better Be

 Friday, May 22, 2020

 Risk & Insurance

The COVID-19 response has poured unprecedented focus and energy into medical innovation. Technology and care methods that seemed years from widespread adoption are becoming new realities.

In workers’ compensation, we have known there are revolutions coming, and we shouldn’t ignore the opportunities to better support injured workers that could reap benefits well into the future.

One of the major forces enabling this pace of change is the convergence of technology. For example, Bill Gates is funding a manufacturing platform that cut vaccine production time from 18 to 12 months due to advances in genetic tech and mass production.

The vast deployment of telemedicine and telerehab we have witnessed is possible because of medical technology and converging information technology.

When technology shifts enable each other, the impossible can become possible faster than we could imagine.
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