Three Auto Claim Examples That Prove Telematics Is A Must

 Tuesday, July 28, 2020

 Insurance Business

If you’re not convinced about the value of telematics in the auto insurance space, you might be swayed after reading what Phil Ost, head of personal lines at Zurich Insurance Company, had to say during a virtual fireside chat at Connected Claims USA 2020.

Ost, who is responsible for running Zurich’s UK personal lines business across all distribution channels, gave three auto claim examples where telematics technology has really proven its worth and resulted in significant savings, not only for Zurich but also for Zurich’s policyholders.

The first claim involved a driver who was backing out of a parking spot when he collided with another vehicle that had four occupants in it.

A claim was made against the driver (a Zurich policyholder), in which all four occupants were complaining of neck injuries caused by whiplash.

“We had a look at the data – and here’s the beauty of telematics. Our policyholder had a black box in their car, and the data soon told the story that the car was moving at less than one mile per hour when the collision occurred."