If You Think Insurance is Boring, You’ve Got Another Thing Coming!

 Friday, August 14, 2020

 Insurance Nerds

Insurance has a bad rap as a profession. We inside the industry try to combat the stigmas of our wonderfully nerdy and exciting realm of serving the personal needs of the world’s population.

We help people. We are a people-orientated and focused industry. And we’ve done a pretty lousy job letting the world know what we offer and why we are important to their daily existence!

We are a group of people who are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their dreams, recover from the worst disaster’s life can create, and realize the untapped potential of protecting what is near and dear to their hearts.

At the soul of the insurance industry, we are all about serving others and making personal connections in a very disconnected world.

Life would be very different if insurance did not exist. I would posture we could be living in a lawless, wild west, “Wyatt Earpy” OK Corral twilight zone if insurance was not the backstop, safety net, and incredibly important thing it is to the world today.
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