Handle Outsourcing Decisions With Care — Gallagher Bassett Executive

 Monday, September 28, 2020

 Insurance Business

While outsourcing is a common strategy for businesses, carriers seeking to outsource claims management services should evaluate their options carefully, said Mike Hessling, North American CEO of Gallagher Bassett.

Hessling was appointed to the role in February of this year. Prior to that, he served as chief client officer, and was a driving force behind the company’s carrier practice, which focuses on the needs of serving carrier clients with outsourced solutions.

“Put simply, the claims experience is the fulfillment of a carrier’s promise to its insurers,” Hessling said.

“Though there are material benefits to outsourcing claims management services, your partner is ultimately a reflection of your culture and brand. This is a strategic decision, with real implications for a carrier’s reputation and growth prospects.”

In a recent blog, Hessling provided insights on elements a carrier should consider before outsourcing claims management services.
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