AmFam Claims Strategy Through COVID And Beyond

 Monday, December 7, 2020

 Insurance Business

The coronavirus pandemic has given insurance companies an unexpected opportunity to try out some fully virtual or heavily tech-driven claims processes.

It has pushed traditional insurance carriers beyond the “old way” of inspecting claims and has triggered a wave of innovation in what has long been considered a slow-moving industry.

When the pandemic is finally behind us, it’s imperative that the industry continues on this path towards digitalization.

Gwen Olson, enterprise claims strategy AVP at American Family (AmFam) – a tech-savvy firm prior to the pandemic - commented: “I don’t think we’re really ever going to return to the way it was. I think COVID accelerated our adoption of new technologies and new ways of adjusting claims and doing our work. We probably need to accept that the way we’re working today, with remote teams and online collaboration, is going to be closer to our future normal than the ways of the past.”

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