Deepfake Tech Could Be Major Threat

 Friday, January 8, 2021

 Insurance Business

The use of deepfake video and audio technologies could evolve into a major cyber threat to businesses within the next two years, according to cyber analytics specialist CyberCube.

The ability to create realistic audio and video fakes using artificial intelligence and machine learning is growing steadily, according to CyberCube’s new report, Blurring reality and fake.

Recent technology advances and the increased dependence of businesses on video-based communication have also accelerated developments, CyberCube said.

With the increasing number of video and audio samples of businesses and people accessible online – largely due to the COVID-19 pandemic – cyber criminals have a growing trove of data from which to build photo-realistic simulations, which can then be used to manipulate people, CyberCube said.

Mouth-mapping” technology, which mimics the movements of the human mouth during speech, complements existing deepfake technologies.
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