Residents Suffering After Massive Steel Factory Blaze File Suit

 Tuesday, January 26, 2021


More than 30 people who lived near Bethlehem Park are suing Great Lakes Industrial Development for damages related to the massive 2016 fire at the former Bethlehem Steel site that roared for four days.

The lawsuit claims gross negligence on the behalf of nearby residents, who say they have suffered many lung-related health issues in the years since the fire.

The suit claims Great Lakes Industrial Development did not have a fire suppression system, despite the company saying it property met all code requirements.

"They didn’t update the building enough where they would have to abide by fire codes," said Attorney Jeanne Vinal. "When there’s no fire suppressant... that’s why this fire went of for days instead of being put out in a few hours."

Vinal said that the decrease in property value of the surrounding homes will also play a factor in the lawsuit.