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Digital Insurer Offers Automated Claims Assessment For P2P Rental Customers

 Friday, March 19, 2021

 Insurance Business

On-demand insurance distributor Duuo is now implementing an automatic claims assessment feature for customers of its Rent-my-Stuff Insurance.

Duuo’s Rent-my-Stuff Insurance, launched in 2019, offers protection for Canadians renting their equipment through peer-to-peer platforms such as Travelling Munchkin and Rentbridge.

The new feature will automatically assess claims made by Rent-my-Stuff customers, with the potential for an immediate settlement offer – all without the need for a claims adjuster to be involved.

It does this by leveraging technologies in natural language processing (NLP), through document and receipt scanning, multilingual audio and video transcription, as well as machine learning models for loss classification and depreciation.

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