You Thought Superstorm Sandy Was Bad? We Could Well Be Facing a Superstorm of Risk

 Monday, June 14, 2021

 Risk & Insurance

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy impacted communities from Jamaica to Quebec, resulting in over 70 billion dollars in damage and 147 fatalities.

As the storm approached New York and New Jersey, unusual meteorological conditions led to the formation of Superstorm Sandy, an extratropical cyclone.

At the same time, the Atlantic Ocean was at high tide. On the night of landfall in New York City, there was a full moon, which brought the tide levels even higher.

This rare set of circumstances amplified the impact of the storm in New York City, boosting the damage caused by storm surge and related flooding.

This confluence of events is an interesting parallel to the global conditions and challenges we are facing as we approach the 2021 hurricane season.