A once-in-200-years rainstorm, Invest 90L, flooded South Florida, highlighting the region’s struggle to adapt to rising sea levels and extreme weather.
June 18 Catastrophe Legislation & Regulation Property Risk Management Florida

The first tropical storm warning of the season has been issued for southern Texas as a developing storm in the Gulf of Mexico threatens heavy rain, flooding, and strong winds.
June 18 Catastrophe Legislation & Regulation Property Risk Management Texas

AccuWeather hurricane experts are monitoring the southwestern Gulf of Mexico for potential tropical development this week.
June 17 Catastrophe Property Risk Management Florida Louisiana Texas

Governor Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency for multiple counties in South Florida due to severe flooding and heavy rainfall, causing significant disruption.
June 13 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Legislation & Regulation Risk Management Florida

As the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season approaches, insurance adjusters are intensifying their training and preparations to ensure they can respond efficiently to catastrophic events.
June 12 Catastrophe Education & Training Property Risk Management

Swiss Re’s 2024 SONAR report identifies 16 emerging risks, highlighting the compounding effects of natural disasters on critical infrastructure, supply chains, and healthcare systems, stressing the need for increased resilience and investment.
June 12 Catastrophe Life & Health Property Risk Management California Texas

The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be highly active, with forecasts predicting an increased number of storms and hurricanes. Businesses and residents in vulnerable areas must prioritize preparedness to mitigate potential impacts.
June 11 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Property Risk Management California Florida

A bull escaped its enclosure at the Sisters Rodeo, injuring three people, including a Deschutes County sergeant, before being recaptured by rodeo professionals.
June 10 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Liability Risk Management Oregon

Insurance professionals on Reddit discuss how carriers are reducing storm damage coverage, impacting policies and the job market for adjusters.
June 7 Catastrophe Litigation Property Risk Management California Florida

The 2024 Atlantic hurricane season, starting June 1 and ending November 30, is predicted to be particularly active. Allianz Commercial offers insights into this year’s forecast, reviewing notable 2023 storms and providing expert advice on storm preparedness.
June 6 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Property Risk Management Florida Georgia North Carolina South Carolina

Following the devastating tornadoes, Tallahassee leaders stress the importance of hurricane readiness as recovery costs exceed $50 million.
June 5 Catastrophe Legislation & Regulation Property Risk Management Florida

Carrier Management’s June 2024 edition of Risk Alerts brings attention to various emerging hazards, including falling space debris, prolonged megadroughts, toxins in bioplastics, vulnerable bridges, and the health impacts of climate change.
June 4 Catastrophe Legislation & Regulation Life & Health Property Risk Management

Facing economic and climatic challenges, commercial property owners can take these steps to mitigate risk and appeal to insurers.
June 3 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Property Risk Management California

A recent Bloomberg Intelligence report warns insurers of potential severe space storms, capable of disrupting communications and power grids, posing greater risks than catastrophic hurricanes.
May 30 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Risk Management Technology

CoreLogic’s 2024 Hurricane Risk Report details the potential impact of hurricanes on U.S. Gulf and Atlantic states, emphasizing the need for updated risk assessments to ensure effective preparation and mitigation.
May 30 Catastrophe Insurance Industry Property Risk Management Florida Maine New Jersey New York Pennsylvania

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