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Four Ways Coronavirus Will Continue to Change the Way Americans Work

 Wednesday, August 11, 2021

 CJ Hester

It will be decades (or more) before we will have a real grasp on all of the ways coronavirus has affected us. But, as many of us are adjusting to our ‘new normal,’ we’re already beginning to see how COVID-19 is changing the way we work.

We’re reimagining DE&I (diversity, equity and inclusion); reshaping what a workplace looks like in terms of office space; and reigniting conversations about workplace safety and the dignity of work. And so much more.

Below are four ways coronavirus will continue to change the way Americans work.

‘The Great Resignation’: Businesses and offices have started to reopen, and because of that, employees have a choice to make. Will they stay or will they go? Across the country, we are seeing a record number of employees who are leaving or thinking about leaving their current jobs.

Anthony Klotz, an associate professor at Texas A&M University, refers to this movement as ‘The Great Resignation’.
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