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Detective Sues Sig Sauer After Holstered Handgun Discharges, Shoots Her

 Thursday, August 26, 2021

 ABC News

Det. Brittney Hilton had no idea she had just been shot. All she said she felt at first was an incredible amount of pain, and a ‘very sick feeling.’

‘I was cold at some points, shaking. The fear kind of takes over, the adrenaline takes over,’ Hilton told ABC News. ‘I just said, ‘Am I going to die?’’

‘I said, ‘Please just tell my kids that I love them and don’t let them find out on social media that I’ve been shot,’’ she continued. ‘I didn’t know if I was going to make it to the hospital.’

Hilton, a mom of three who has been with the Bridge City, Texas, Police Department for 11 years, said the bullet came within one millimeter -- the edge of a penny -- from killing her.

But what Hilton said she also didn’t realize at first was that the bullet had come from her own service gun, a semi-automatic pistol called the P320. It was still holstered inside her purse, according to the police report.
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