Emotional Intelligence In Today’s Workplace

 Tuesday, November 23, 2021


In addition to the lack of job growth, there are still 11 million unfilled jobs. Along with flat job market participation, there is also rapid wage growth. CEOs in every industry are saying that, more than ever, retaining talent and finding quality candidates is their number one priority and one of their greatest business challenges going into 2022.

With that said, what is the best way to attract, hire, and retain talented employees in today’s tight labor market?

Some of the key hiring and retention strategies that smart companies have employed successfully in 2021 are offering more remote working opportunities to enhance work-life balance, increasing wages (sooner rather than later) to counter current inflation, and focusing on building great cultures and leaders that employees gravitate toward rather than away from.

Building a great culture can positively be impacted by focusing on hiring and developing emotional intelligence, especially as the workplace continues the trend of more and more remote workers.

Research tells us that 80 percent of the competencies that lead to success in the workplace are emotional intelligence-based.
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