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SC Insurance Lawsuit Cites Murdaugh’s ‘Depravity,’ New Details In Housekeeper’s Death

 Friday, May 13, 2022

 The State

A lawsuit by the insurance company that paid off an allegedly bogus $3.8 million claim by lawyer Alex Murdaugh after the death of his housekeeper cites Murdaugh’s ‘depravity’ and alleges new details of an alleged scheme he cooked up with another lawyer and a banker.

‘The scope of Murdaugh’s depravity is without precedent in Western jurisprudence,’ asserts the lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court by Nautilus Insurance Company.

Murdaugh had a $5 million umbrella insurance policy with Nautilus, as well as another policy for $505,000 with Lloyd’s of London, according to court records.

In its lawsuit, Nautilus does not say exactly how much it paid out to Murdaugh and his alleged associates for the death of Murdaugh’s housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield. But court documents filed in state court say Murdaugh has agreed to sign a ‘confession of judgment’ that he stole $4.3 million in insurance proceeds from Satterfield’s heirs.

The lawsuit names as defendants Murdaugh; his longtime friend, lawyer Cory Fleming, and Chad Westendorf, a bank official at Palmetto State Bank, which played a role in the alleged illegal scheme to divert insurance money from the Satterfield heirs to Murdaugh and Fleming.