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Retirement Is A Graduation!

 Wednesday, May 25, 2022

 IAIP Blog

It seems like once a week during May and June we open our mailbox and find invitations. Some are wedding invitations, but most are invitations from parents and students sharing the wonderful news of graduations.

Graduations from kindergarten to college and beyond. The excitement of embarking on a brand new path and transitioning into a new life phase is evident and we are excited for them.

What about the other class of graduates? I am talking about retirees. Retirement is a graduation of its own kind with a similar transition from one phase of life to another.

Retirement is not the end for us, in fact the fun is just starting. No alarm clocks, no traffic jams and doctor appointments during the day without having to take PTO. And let’s not forget early bird specials and senior discounts. Ross on Tuesdays -- I’m there.

Retirement is not the time to stop learning. Retirement is the best time to step up our volunteering efforts. Despite what you may have heard, the ability to learn new things doesn’t diminish with age. If anything, the potential for learning continues to expand.
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