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7 Of The Wackiest Workplace Injuries

 Friday, May 27, 2022

 Insurance Thought Leadership

Workers injured by picking up a bag of French fries, hitting a bowling ball with a sledgehammer and getting a snack out of a vending machine are just three of the wackiest workplace injuries, according to Evotix, which provides health and safety solutions.

While most of us think of the workplace as a hub to network, host meetings and build our careers, there are hundreds of thousands of accidents -- many of them serious -- in workplaces every year.

The International Labor Organization reports that, every year, 2.3 million men and women experience accidents while working.

The majority of workplace injuries are slips, trips or falls; handling, lifting or carrying items; or being struck by moving objects, but there are many unexpected injuries, such as getting hit by lightning or falling overboard.
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