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How To Speed Up Claims Response For NatCats

 Friday, May 27, 2022

 Canadian Underwriter

Extreme weather events have become common, some bringing unprecedented levels of destruction to structures and facilities, overwhelming owners, property managers and insurers. In response, nearly all major insurers have created centralized Cat units dedicated to handling claims arising from extreme weather events.

But while these units have improved coordination, the industry’s event response continues to follow the traditional claim-based model; that is to say, multiple claims are adjusted one at a time.

When rural areas and smaller towns and cities are hit by extreme weather events, the sheer volume of insurance claims can overwhelm the capacity of local engineers and contractors.

To speed the process, we propose development of rapid response integrated teams (RRITs) to handle multiple claims from a single extreme weather event. Teams would consist of a forensic structural engineer, a drone pilot, an estimator and a restoration project manager.