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Already 350K+ Claims Filed in Florida After Hurricane Ian

 Friday, October 7, 2022

 Reinsurance News

Initial data from the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (FLOIR) reveals that more than 375,000 claims have been filed after hurricane Ian, mostly related to residential property, as the entity reports total estimated insured losses of close to $3.28 billion.

A total of 375,293 claims a little over a week after Hurricane Ian made landfall in the State of Florida is a fairly significant amount. The majority, 273,939, or 73% of these claims are for residential property, with 8,924 for commercial property, 1,210 for flood, 107 for business interruption, and 91,113 related to other lines of business.

Within the residential property claims reported so far, most (222,722) are from the homeowners line of business.

The figures are based on data as of October 6th, 2022, and, as of this date, the FLOIR estimates insured losses from the event of almost $3.28 billion.

While it’s useful to see early data on the number of claims filed and within which line of business, a look at the potential costs of the claims reported so far by the FLOIR suggests that the financial toll could already be more than $10 billion.