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Resistant AI, Claim Technology Partner to Stop Fraudulent Insurance Claims

 Monday, November 28, 2022

 Fintech Global

Resistant AI will deploy its AI-powered anti-fraud technology into InsurTech specialists Claim Technology to help it protect against fraudulent insurance claims.

Through this partnership, claims handlers will have the tools to spot forged documents to a level of forensic analysis that is impossible to detect with the human eye.

Each submitted document is analysed over 550 different ways to catch signs of forgery, even on documents never seen before. After this, it gives a clear, explainable verdict.

Resistant AI added that any behavioural data, such as device intelligence, service usage patterns and more, is used to detect bulk account creations, stolen identities, bots and account takeovers.

All documents are compared to detect forgery patterns, uncover common templates behind industrially produced forgeries and highlight identity or claim reuse across different insurers.

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