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There’s A New Entry In The 10 Most Expensive Hurricanes In U.S. History

 Thursday, January 12, 2023

Hurricane Ian, which thrashed Florida and the Carolinas last year, has claimed the No. 3 spot in the list of 10 most expensive hurricanes in U.S. history, according to a new report from the National Centers for Environmental Information.

Causing damage estimated so far at $112.9 billion, Ian ranks just below Hurricane Harvey and just above Hurricane Maria, both from 2017.

The national centers bases its estimates on reports from other federal and state government agencies, the insurance industry and other sources. It updated its annual report on Tuesday.

Of the 10 costliest storms in U.S. history, all but one have come in the past 20 years, further evidence of how climate change is causing more intense storms.

The Top 10 storms hit Florida (5), Louisiana (3) and Texas (2), as well as Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Puerto Rico, New Jersey and South Carolina. Several of them -- hurricanes Katrina and Andrew, for example -- hit more than one state.