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Homeowner’s Repeated Burst Pipe Damage Claim Denied By Utility Company

 Thursday, January 26, 2023


San Antonio Water System officials have denied a damage claim filed by a Castle Hills homeowner, despite the same water pipe bursting over and over again in the woman’s front yard.

Homeowner Dorian Patrick filed the claim for damages in September after learning that her home needed tens of thousands of dollars in repairs to its foundation.

The filing came after the same SAWS pipe that runs through her yard burst three times since 2020, causing large amounts of water to flow toward and around her home.

Foundation problems with the structure, most notably at the back door to the house, have gotten worse with each successive leak, Patrick said.

The pipe has burst two more times since SAWS late last year denied Patrick’s initial claim, making it a total of five water main breaks since 2020.

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