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Protecting What We Cannot Afford To Lose

 Thursday, February 2, 2023

 Reinsurance News

‘Insurance exists to protect that which we cannot afford to lose, and when it comes to climate change, we all have a lot to protect,’ suggests Greg Case, CEO of Aon.

In a report focusing on the role of the industry in fighting climate change, Case noted that collaboration between public, private and societal forces is essential to success.

He added, ‘We are living in a time that has been deemed ‘The Great Volatility’ by the world’s leading economists, and there is no greater volatility we face collectively than the impacts of climate change.

‘Mitigating, and in some cases adapting to climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face.’

According to Case, Aon has long been developing partnerships across the industry to advance climate solutions and close the protection gap.