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Is Quiet Hiring the New Workplace Trend?

 Tuesday, March 7, 2023

 International Association of Insurance professionals

Over the last year several new buzzwords have been in the industry news -- ‘quiet quitting’ and ‘quiet firing’. The newest is ‘quiet hiring’. Experts at Gartner (gartner.com) listed this trend as one of the top workforce predictions for 2023.

According to those in the know at Gartner ‘quiet hiring is when an organization acquires new skills without actually hiring new full-time employees’. It can refer to bringing on short-term contractors, but it usually means giving current employees more responsibilities beyond what they currently have.

I’m sure we all are aware of our current competitive hiring environment, our economic slowdown, and the struggle to keep costs down.

Finding new talent while trying to retain top performers is a challenge. This is compounded by the fact that staffing budgets are not on the increase, so organizations feel the need to become more creative.

Leveraging internal talent rather than the process of recruitment is an option to meet immediate needs. It provides the flexibility of being able to deploy company resources to their highest priorities.
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