DuPont and Affiliates Settle Ohio Lawsuit for $110 Million Over Toxic Chemical Releases (Claims Journal)

DuPont and Affiliates Settle Ohio Lawsuit for $110 Million Over Toxic Chemical Releases

  Friday, December 1st, 2023 Source: Claims Journal

DuPont, along with spin-offs Chemours and Corteva, has agreed to a $110 million settlement with the state of Ohio over environmental hazards posed by PFAS chemicals. PFAS, long-lasting compounds linked to serious health risks, were used in products like nonstick coatings and firefighting foam.

This settlement, subject to court approval, addresses Ohio’s concerns about PFAS releases from DuPont’s former facility in West Virginia. The majority of the funds will go towards restoring natural resources impacted by the Washington Works facility, with a portion set aside for addressing statewide PFAS issues. This follows a prior agreement with Delaware, requiring an additional $25 million payment for environmental projects.

The lawsuit, initiated by Ohio in 2018, targeted DuPont and Chemours for the historical use of PFOA at the Washington Works site, implicating them in environmental damage and health issues. The financial responsibility for the settlement is divided among the three companies, reflecting a 2021 agreement on shared PFAS liabilities.

This case exemplifies ongoing legal and environmental challenges associated with PFAS pollution, marking a significant step in holding corporations accountable for their impact on public health and the environment.

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