Judge Judy Files Defamation Lawsuit Against National Enquirer for False Claims (Deadline)

Judge Judy Files Defamation Lawsuit Against National Enquirer for False Claims

  Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 Source: Deadline

Judge Judy Sheindlin is embroiled in a defamation lawsuit against the publisher of the National Enquirer, Accelerate360, over false claims suggesting her involvement in seeking a new trial for the Menendez brothers. The lawsuit, filed in Florida by Sheindlin and her attorney, Eric M. George, demands unspecified general and special damages. The National Enquirer and InTouch Weekly had published articles last month falsely alleging Sheindlin’s belief in the Menendez brothers’ unjust second trial verdict in 1996.

Sheindlin, known for her television court show "Judy Justice," asserts that these publications have fabricated stories and misquoted sources, damaging her reputation meticulously built over her career. The confusion stemmed from a misquoted source, incorrectly identified as Judge Sheindlin, from a Fox Nation documentary. Despite Sheindlin’s clarifications and demands for correction, the defamatory content was briefly removed but persisted in various online platforms and was even featured as a front-page story.

The legal battle isn’t just about the specific falsehoods but also how they impact Sheindlin’s broader professional reputation and business ventures, potentially deterring viewers from her shows and damaging her standing in legal and media circles. This lawsuit follows a history of disputes between Sheindlin and the tabloid, which had previously issued retractions for other unfounded claims against her.

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