Kansas City Chiefs Superfan Ordered to Pay $10.8 Million for Bank Robbery Trauma (ESPN)

Kansas City Chiefs Superfan Ordered to Pay $10.8 Million for Bank Robbery Trauma

  Thursday, April 11th, 2024 Source: ESPN

Xaviar Babudar, a Kansas City Chiefs superfan who gained notoriety for his criminal activities, has been ordered by Tulsa County District Judge Tracy L. Priddy to compensate a bank teller with $10.8 million. The judgement issued includes $3.6 million for physical harm and emotional distress and $7.2 million in punitive damages to Payton Garcia, the teller threatened during a December 2022 robbery in Bixby, Oklahoma. Babudar, who styled himself as @Chiefsaholic online, admitted to committing 11 bank robberies in seven states and is now facing consequences beyond prison time.

His life prior to the arrest involved living out of cars and laundering stolen money through casinos. Despite his high-profile online persona and large social media following, Babudar’s criminal profits will be tightly controlled. Any future earnings, potentially from book deals or media portrayals, are designated to repay his victims and the financial institutions affected. This case underlines the justice system’s efforts to prevent criminals from profiting off their notoriety.

Garcia, the affected bank teller, has since left her banking career due to the lasting impact of the robbery, illustrating the extensive personal toll such crimes can take. Babudar is currently held at Leavenworth federal prison and awaits sentencing, as his case continues to resonate as a stark reminder of the real-world consequences of social media-fueled personas clashing with criminal actions.

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