Major Insurance Fraud Ring Busted in Everett, Six Indicted (

Major Insurance Fraud Ring Busted in Everett, Six Indicted

  Tuesday, February 27th, 2024 Source:

Authorities have cracked down on a significant insurance fraud operation centered around Riviera Auto Body in Everett, resulting in six indictments. The Middlesex County District Attorney’s office has charged individuals involved in filing fraudulent insurance claims, defrauding carriers of over $1 million. Four of the accused have been arraigned, while two, believed to be in Colombia, remain fugitives.

The charges span from conspiracy to commit larceny and identity fraud to bribery of a public employee. Among the indicted, Fabio Rodrigo Jordao Correa and Jhon Alexander Lopera Munera are alleged to be the orchestrators of the scheme, exploiting insurance processes through fabricated or exaggerated claims. The operation also implicated a public employee, Wanda Greene, accused of receiving bribes for facilitating fraudulent RMV queries and transactions.

This investigation, lasting two years, unveiled a complex web of deceit, including claims for nonexistent collisions and inflated damages, some involving stolen identities. The case underscores the challenges in combating insurance fraud and highlights the collaborative efforts required by law enforcement and insurance carriers to address such sophisticated schemes.

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