NYC Sees Improved Construction Safety but Faces Challenges with Rising Injuries (

NYC Sees Improved Construction Safety but Faces Challenges with Rising Injuries

Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 Insurance Industry Property Workers' Compensation

The New York City Department of Buildings has released its annual Construction Safety Report for 2023, aligning with the start of National Construction Safety Week. This comprehensive report details a mix of positive trends and areas needing attention in the city’s construction safety landscape.

One of the standout points from this year’s report is the significant decrease in construction-related fatalities, which have reached the lowest number in nearly a decade, with seven deaths reported in 2023 compared to eleven in the previous year. This decline is attributed to stricter safety regulations and increased compliance among construction professionals.

However, despite the reduced fatalities, the report notes a concerning rise in worksite injuries, which have escalated for the third consecutive year. This increase is partly due to more rigorous reporting and tracking of injuries, reflecting a 25% increase compared to 2022. The nature of these injuries varies widely, from minor incidents requiring off-site medical attention to more severe cases.

The Department of Buildings has conducted over 370,000 field inspections across the five boroughs, the highest number on record, indicating an enhanced focus on maintaining safety standards. Despite more inspections, there has been a reduction in enforcement actions like Stop Work Orders and violations, suggesting better adherence to safety regulations at construction sites.

As part of ongoing efforts to further reduce injuries and ensure a safer working environment, the Department emphasizes the importance of continued vigilance and cooperation among all stakeholders in the construction industry. Educational initiatives and spot inspections are highlighted as key strategies to promote best safety practices citywide.

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