Observing The Inane During COVID (WorkersCompensation.com)

Observing The Inane During COVID

  Friday, September 4th, 2020 Source: WorkersCompensation.com

I have spent a lifetime as an observer of the silly, senseless, useless, stupid and inane.

In recent years I have had the privilege and opportunity to write about much of it in this blog, which, I suppose by extension makes it silly, senseless, useless, stupid and inane. And the entire COVID experience has given me the chance to observe a lifetime of inanity, crammed into the microcosm of just a few short months.

I started thinking about this last week, after a visit to an orthopedic surgeon’s office. I arrived at his facility, a large multi-floor building, and found myself in the lobby waiting for the elevator with several other people.

All of us were dutifully wearing our masks and were smartly distanced while we waited; each of us occupying one of the herd controlling stickers on the floor advising us of proper social spacing during these challenging times.

Then, without a word or thought, the elevator doors opened, and we all crammed into the little box. Social distancing be damned. We had another floor to get to.

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