Roofers Tear Off Shingles At The Wrong Address (KRQE)

Roofers Tear Off Shingles At The Wrong Address

  Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 Source: KRQE

What someone took from an Albuquerque home has a neighborhood baffled. It couldn’t have been easy, but someone swiped an entire roof right off of a house. Now the homeowner wants to know who these mystery men are. From the front, the home near Irving and Unser in northwest Albuquerque looks normal. However, when Cory Archuleta went to check the mail Saturday, he noticed something major was missing. All of the shingles from his roof were gone. “Even the police officer this morning couldn’t believe it,” Archuleta told KRQE News 13. He said his insurance adjuster also had to laugh about it at one point.

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