Tesla Driver Sues In Death Of Wife In Crash With Parked Emergency Vehicle (CarComplaints.com)

Tesla Driver Sues In Death Of Wife In Crash With Parked Emergency Vehicle

  Thursday, February 10th, 2022 Source: CarComplaints.com

A Tesla Model 3 crash that killed a woman was allegedly caused by failures of the Autopilot system to prevent the Model 3 from slamming into the rear of a firetruck.

On December 29, 2019, Derrick Monet was driving a 2019 Tesla Model 3 with his wife Jenna as a passenger as they headed to Maryland from Arizona at about 8:11 a.m.

The Tesla Model 3 had Autopilot engaged when the vehicle slammed into the rear of a firetruck parked in the passing lane of I-70 in Putnam County, Indiana.

The firetruck had responded to an earlier accident and had its emergency lights activated when the Tesla crashed into the truck.

Jenna Monet, 23, died in the crash and her husband suffered multiple injuries, including fractures of the "lumbar vertebra, thoracic and cervical vertebrae, scapula, two ribs, and a right femur, which now has a rod implanted."

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