Walgreens Reaches Settlement with City of Philadelphia Over Opioid Claims (City of Philadelphia)

Walgreens Reaches Settlement with City of Philadelphia Over Opioid Claims

  Monday, April 22nd, 2024 Source: City of Philadelphia

Walgreens has agreed to a significant $110 million settlement with the City of Philadelphia, concluding a prolonged legal battle over accusations that the pharmacy giant improperly managed the distribution of opioid medications. This settlement, confirmed on April 8, 2024, resolves claims that Walgreens failed to adequately monitor, report, and prevent the shipment of suspicious orders for opioid pain medications, and dispensed these medications without proper verification that they were prescribed for legitimate medical purposes.

Despite the settlement, Walgreens maintains its innocence, denying all allegations of wrongdoing or liability. The company insists that it could have successfully defended itself had the case gone to trial. The decision to settle is presented as a move to avoid the uncertainties and costs of continued litigation, emphasizing that the settlement is not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing by Walgreens.

Under the terms of the agreement, Walgreens will make several payments to the City culminating in a total of $110 million by 2028. These funds are earmarked for opioid remediation efforts, including treatments and programs designed to address and mitigate the opioid crisis in Philadelphia. The settlement also includes provisions to prevent future legal actions against Walgreens related to these claims, securing a broad release from further liability for the pharmacy chain in connection with the allegations.

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