Why I Participate In The CPCU Society (Insurance Nerds)

Why I Participate In The CPCU Society

  Friday, March 5th, 2021 Source: Insurance Nerds

When I first started studying for the CPCU Designation, I really didn’t think that obtaining my CPCU would do anything except provide a free trip to Hawaii, potentially advance my career, and let me learn more about the insurance industry.

Those three motivators were enough to entice me to go for the designation. What I did not know was that there were far more opportunities that I had yet to discover.

I started getting involved with baby steps. I started attending our local I-Day as soon as it was permitted at my company. At first, I was not involved any more than being a participant in the audience.

The year after I obtained my CPCU Designation, I was approached to be on the local board as the Vice President.

The Vice President in our chapter is responsible for putting together I-Day, and considering I had just planned a wedding the year before, I think they thought that made me a great candidate (hopefully there were other reasons as well). The year that I was Vice President, it was a lot of work, but it was very rewarding.

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