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Overspray Removal Specialists
Decoding Granular Vehicle Details From The VIN
Friday, December 13th 2019
Increasing complexity, emerging technologies, and new safety features are making it harder for many auto insurers to capture all of the relevant vehicle attributes they need to underwrite and price coverage accurately.
Why Insurance Policy Language Matters
Bowling For Workers' Comp Dollars
Fire Destroys Georgia Home After Christmas Tree Lights Left On Overnight
Associated Claim Service
Spate Of Ring Security Camera Hacks Due To Credential Stuffing Attacks
Thursday, December 12th 2019
Multiple U.S. families have reported incidents of Ring camera systems being hacked in recent days, raising questions as to whether the systems are allowing hackers access to people's homes, without ever having to set foot inside.
50-Vehicle Pileup On Snowy Iowa Interstate Caught On Video
How A Reputational Risk Snowball Turns Into An Avalanche
Inflated Risk Scores: Inspectors Find $6.7B In Questionable Medicare Payments
Polar Vortex, Midwest Floods, California Fires: The U.S.'s Wild 2019 Weather
Wednesday, December 11th 2019
From a brutal polar vortex that froze much of the Midwest and East Coast in January to Hurricane Dorian that killed dozens in the Bahamas in September, Mother Nature dealt Americans a wild and deadly weather year in 2019.
Exxon Wins Climate Change Lawsuit, As Cases Over Global Warming Proliferate
Revealed - Huge Total Of US Insurance M&A Deals In Q3
Sausalito, Caltrans Face Another Mudslide Lawsuit
The Future Of Humane Automation In Claims: Emotion AI
Tuesday, December 10th 2019
Renowned machine learning researcher and New York Times best-selling author, Kai-fu Lee, has described the era we are living in as "the age of implementation," or a time period during which artificial intelligence (AI) is moving out of the lab and into practical applications.
Insurance Companies Looking For Billions Of Dollars In Front Of Supreme Court
Invisible Support: The Future Of Insurance Is Clear
Fort Worth Accelerant Detection Dog 'Buzzy' Makes A Difference On Day 1
Claims Talent Spread Thin? No Worries: Digitize Your Claims Triage
Monday, December 9th 2019
With talent spread thin in greying claims departments, insurers are looking to use AI to help digitize their claims triage process and other workflows.
Discriminating Data: How AI Can Vanquish Bias
Tesla Model 3 Driver Says Autopilot Was Engaged During Crash Into Highway Patrol Car
N.J. Auto Body Repairers' Steering Lawsuit Against Insurer To Proceed
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