The Claims Pages is full of useful features and benefits for anyone even just remotely involved in the claims industry. We host thousands of documents, tools, events, careers, and that's really only the tip of the resource iceberg. Below you will find a quick rundown of some of the most important features from which both our users and advertisers benefit.
Kind of a Big Deal

The Claims Pages is the most-visited website of it's kind. It is featured on the internal systems at some of the largest insurance companies in the World. In fact, over 900 insurance companies used the website last year alone. That added up to 8,400,000 page views in 2015!

One-Stop Shop

We offer claims personnel everything they could possibly need to get through a day at the office: important documents, depreciation help, storm tracking, and industry news just to name a few. Oh, and it's all free! Our users visit on a regular basis because we supply them with what they need.

Responsive Experience

Over half of our web traffic originates from a mobile device, so naturally we focused on a responsive user-interface. Regardless of your device type, the website will format itself to ensure a great experience. From ultra high-definition monitors to tiny smart phones — we look great on them all!

Customization Access

Our prefered Platinum Providers are set apart from our general listings. They are always listed first and receive fully-customizable pages that allow you to completely describe your buisness: company overview, territories serviced, certifications, license numbers, and so much more!

Advertiser Oath

Referral confidence is extremely important in our business. Our users trust us and we do everything in our power to maintain that trust. This includes requiring all Platinum Providers to sign our Advertiser Oath which covers quality service, integrity, fairness, and local market pricing guarantees.

Pinpoint Accuracy

Our providers cover over 200 unique categories across the entire country. This gives you the ability to target your exact market. Whether you handle fire damage in Tuscaloosa, water damage in New York City, or anything in between, we've got you covered. Plans range from county to nationwide campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Having your listing viewed by our enourmous community of users is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to advertising benefits. Search Engine Optimization is the name of the game. Not only is your listing associated with detailed keywords, but our backlinks will help boost your own site's search rankings!

Excellent Artistry

Your advertisement is professionally designed and produced by our top-notch graphic artists at no additional charge. Our skilled artists will work at your direction to craft the perfect design to help your company stand out from the rest and maximize results.

Friendly Followers

Social networking becomes more important by the day when it comes to online advertising. Luckily for you, we have tons of followers ready to hear about your business right now! As a Platinum Provider, you will enjoy retweets and likes from our powerful profiles to help your business gain social traction.

Get Listed Today

Are you ready to take your online marketing to the next level? Get listed today and start taking advantage of our advertising tools immediately. Put your business in front of millions of visitors and help increase the PageRank of your own site at the same time.

The Advertiser Oath

"In consideration of my acceptance as a vendor of The Claims Pages, I hereby agree to deal with all claimants, adjusters, and other insurance professionals I may be introduced to through this publication with the highest levels of integrity and fairness. I will at all times provide the highest level of quality and service possible at all times and my prices will be reasonable with respect to norms in my local market."