Momentous Change And Mobile Devices

 Wednesday, June 26, 2019

 Insurance Thought Leadership

Technology is the foundation of the insurance industry: the means to solve or approximate answers to questions about the cost and availability of insurance, in addition to ways to reduce risk, improve service and expand coverage.

When technology makes it easier to track possessions, when people can see—in real time—the whereabouts of goods they pay to insure, when reporting a lost or stolen item takes minutes rather than hours or days, eliminating paperwork and the temporal hell of waiting to speak to a customer service representative, of having to endure music on hold, when technology increases efficiency and accountability, everyone wins.

Winning translates into not losing your possessions.

Winning is a product of technology: a product unto itself in which your smartphone or tablet is a source of intelligence, syncing with an accessory that is strong enough to thwart thieves and smart enough to alert you about attempts to steal your possessions.
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