Adjusters Beware The Potential Risks Of Illicit Drug Residue

 Thursday, September 12, 2019

 Insurance Thought Leadership

As we continue to face a national opioid crisis, insurance adjusters need to keep their safety top of mind during the inspection of a drug-related claim.

It is essential to be aware of the potential health risks you could be facing, especially if the property or vehicle you are dealing with may be contaminated with an illicit drug.

When you first step on the scene, remember to think whether the property could have been contaminated by the insured, a third party involved in the claim or an unknown party.

Take a situation where an adjuster is inspecting a property damaged by the renter, and a mysterious white powder is discovered.

This powder could be a number of substances —flour, drywall compound, cocaine or even fentanyl. It is important to treat it with caution while identifying the substance, as this will affect the claim and your safety.
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