Flood-Prediction Tech Company To Launch In US

 Thursday, September 12, 2019

 Insurance Business

FloodMapp, a real-time flood-prediction technology, has announced that it is launching in the US. The software will be showcased at the InsurTech Connect conference in Las Vegas Sept. 23-25.

The Australian technology, which will soon be available in Texas and Florida, is the first of its kind to produce predictive flood mapping in real time, FloodMapp said.

Flooding is the world’s costliest natural disaster, causing $16 billion in annual damage in the US alone.

FloodMapp’s proprietary technology takes in real-time rainfall and river-height data as well as digital elevation models, then uses big data, hydrology, hydraulics and machine learning to produce predictive mapping that predicts the expected extent of flood inundation on a live and interactive map.