Destination AI For Insurance Underwriting

 Tuesday, October 15, 2019

 Business Insurance

It’s almost inevitable: Spend your working life identifying, analysing, quantifying and ascribing monetary value to risk, and you’re likely to have a fairly strong aversion to it.

Or, perhaps more accurately, you’ll have an aversion to undertaking new endeavours with inadequately understood consequences. The insurance industry is, on any number of levels, the very definition of risk-averse.

And yet, for all the commentary suggesting otherwise, insurance still has an appetite for innovation.

If the insurtech sector is any indication, then an interest in and requirement for new solutions is being recognized and slowly addressed.

It may not employ the language of disruption that runs through the wider fintech market, it may be short a few unicorns and unable to boast some of the record-breaking funding rounds, but a quiet tech evolution has been building in insurance nonetheless.
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