Flipping The Narrative In An Industry Of Endless Possibilities

 Wednesday, February 26, 2020

 Insurance Nerds

The current insurance industry is in a quasi-crisis in terms of talent. Over the next couple of years, there will be a mass exodus of legacy insurance professionals which will create a vacuum that must be filled by young talent.

The talent gap stats have been blasted all over insurance articles so I will refrain from regurgitating that data here as the point of this article is deeper than statistical analysis.

If you ask a lot of current professionals who have decades of industry experience how they fell into the industry they will most likely provide the following reasons: sheer accident, a family connection, or simply needing a job out of college.

However, times have changed. No longer can the insurance industry rely on the ‘fall-in’ approach to take it to the next frontier of being an active risk management partner for individuals and businesses.

Over the last decade, it is no secret that the entire business landscape has changed in regards to retaining and attracting talent. It is well documented that current and future generations of employees are looking for something deeper than just a ‘job’. Something deeper than ping pong tables, unlimited beer fridges, and even monetary compensation.
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