Leading Remote Workers In Insurance

 Wednesday, May 20, 2020

 Insurance Business

Over the past two months, millions of workers in the United States have re-arranged to work remotely. It’s not a totally alien concept.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, approximately over two-thirds of US businesses provided some form of remote work opportunity (at least occasionally) for their employees.

What’s different about the COVID-19 remote working situation is that it’s one of “surviving versus thriving,” according to Kristen Skender, SVP of brokerage at Jimcor Agencies.

Presenting a WSIA education webinar entitled ‘Leading Remote Workers,’ Skender commented: “This is not normal remote work. This is remote work — the extreme edition.”

The challenges vary based on an individual’s unique situation. For some, the primary challenges of working from home might be loneliness or a lack of motivation. For others, it might be navigating the tricky balancing act between 24/7 childcare, home schooling and successfully executing work responsibilities.
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