Remote Loss Adjusting Vs. Boots On The Ground: Why Both Are Crucial For Top-Notch Claims Performance

 Monday, February 8, 2021

 Risk & Insurance

Multiple catastrophes, rising claims settlement costs, social unrest, a pandemic and lockdowns — 2020 was certainly one hell of a year!

Quite rightly, risk managers expect agility, responsiveness and insight from insurers’ claims teams whatever the circumstances.

Technology is playing an ever-increasing role in delivering on that expectation, but the last 12 months have also demonstrated the importance for customers to have access to well-trained claims professionals and the value of a positive relationship between the insurer, broker and customer.

The nature and landscape of claims management has evolved.

The interaction between claims teams, brokers and risk managers is no longer based on the exchange of basic loss information. Automation is increasingly becoming a key component in the claims management process, streamlining handling and reducing time to settle.
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