Mitigating Risk By Modernizing Legacy IT Systems

 Tuesday, February 16, 2021

 Risk Management

For organizations to ensure they can remain operational when disaster strikes, they must prepare their IT systems for potential disruptions before they ever arise.

This year, states like New Jersey, Oregon and California saw their unemployment systems crash as a result of running on outdated mainframes, which are often over 60 years old and incapable of properly integrating with the internet and other modern technologies.

These limitations ultimately rendered them unable to provide constituents with important services and benefits during a time of need.

While many states have battled their archaic technologies, these challenges are not exclusive to the government sector, or to COBOL, the programming language many government systems use.

Rather, today’s business demands require an organization to make essential changes to their IT systems in real-time, whether to maintain industry compliance practices, adapt to customer needs and expectations or to streamline internal processes.
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